I compared Free&PRO version of keyword research tool by keyword.io

I compared Free&PRO version of keyword research tool by keyword.io

Hello, my friends,

today I will go straight to the main point 🙂 I was searching for a keywording tool on the internet. We all know that keywording is a crucial part of a workflow for any contributor selling images online. But you know how it is, keywording is important, it cannot be skipped and has to be done right but it´s more on the boring side of the workflow.

I wanted to find a tool that would make keywording easier and faster and I came across  KEYWORD.IO . The overall impression I got from the site was very nice, it has a very intuitive interface so I´ve decided to give it a go.



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Keyword.io is very intuitive, you don´t need to install or download anything. Just go to their website and enter your search term into the search field. Your term should reflect the main topic or concept of your image. If you would like to be more specific, you can also add “must have keywords”  or exclude terms. The tool will get you a long list of keywords related to your concept analyzed from over +30 million stock photos and sales metrics from different stock photo agencies. The keyword results are sorted by frequency, from more generic to “nichier” as well as from more frequently used to less frequently used.

Once you see the list of keywords, you can easily select or unselect them by clicking on them. When you are happy with your selection, you can copy all your selected keywords into the clipboard by clicking the blue copy button.


Keyword.io also offer PRO version which will get you list of semantically related keywords covering your main topic from different angles, finding synonyms and common use cases. I´ve decided to compare free & PRO version to see the difference myself. I searched for the term “food”  with a must-have keyword”breakfast”. To see what was the difference, watch the video below ↓