Hello world! First blog post!

Hello internet world, hello guys!

This is my very first blog post on my very first blog. For a long time, I had an idea in my head to create a blog where I would share all the bits and pieces I learned about microstock photography – from information about microstock sites to planning the photoshoots and getting the props and models, to actually taking photos and selling them online. What I find absolutely great about microstock is that:

·    you are your own boss, so you can work on your portfolio at hours that suit you the best; being a mom of a little boy, I find that just absolutely perfect!

·    you can work basically from anywhere

·    your creativity and imagination is free to go wild

·    and last but definitely not least, once your photos are uploaded and approved, they can earn you money over and over again, even when you sleep! Isn´t that great?

I think it is and many other photographers think so too! 🙂 With 1,213,923 images added just this week (20.10.2017) on just one of the platforms (Shutterstock) you can imagine how high the competition is.  Therefore, just a little word of warning – don´t expect to get rich overnight! It can take some time before you will see the first results of your effort. Also, it is pretty normal to have some photos rejected, especially at the beginning. Never take it personally, rather see it as a feedback you can learn from. I find it really great because based on it I learned to evaluate my photos and look at them the same way as microstock reviewers do. Now I know what to watch for, I pay much more attention to the technical side of my photos as well as to the details, content and composition. 

Another great think about microstock photography is that you can start immediately. If you are like me and already have heaps of photos just sitting on your hard drive, you can start uploading straight away.

Down below I´ve attached the photos that were among the first in my microstock portfolio. I took them at the time I was working as a flight attendant and had no idea about microstock photography. They are not in the best technical quality, they were taken as jpegs and many times “as snapshots on the go” but despite that, they belong to my regular downloaded images, especially on Shutterstock.