Three quick tips on how to take stock photos at wedding

Hello, guys and especially wedding photographers!

Today I would like to share with you my three quick tips on how to take stock photos even if the purpose of the photoshoot is not directly related to taking stock images. Let me explain to you. Besides the microstock photography, a part of my income comes from weddings. And what is great about weddings? Everything is beautifully prepared and arranged and this offers a great opportunity to take stock photos too.

My first tip is to make use of decoration, food, cakes, and sweets. As a wedding photographer, you take those photos anyway, so why not to take a few extra shots with microstock photography in mind? Think of the composition and copy space but at the same time, don´t include too much of surroundings. The wedding is a very private occasion so I like to shoot mainly close-ups that don’t show too much of location. I aim for images that look as general as possible. Here is an example from my Shutterstock portfolio, all those photos were downloaded at least couple of times already. Quick note: You may ask, why I didn´t mention flowers. The reason is that microstock market is over-saturated with the images of flowers. You can still try to upload a couple of flower images if you like. I uploaded few, just out of the curiosity as well, but most of those photos were never downloaded.

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I know that when it comes to weddings, traditions are different from country to country. Here in Slovakia, the ceremony can take place (besides the place of the reception) in church or registry office. And here is my second tip. Guys, pay attention to your surroundings and architecture. Again focus on details (so you avoid a need for a property release) and look up, down, left and right. You might spot interesting detail. I took this photo at registry office just before the start of the ceremony. Can you guess what it is? It´s an old glass chandelier. And this photo, which I didn´t think much of, was sold for the highest license soon after I uploaded it. So you never know! 🙂



My last tip for today is related to building a network with other wedding professionals – people from a catering company, florists, decorators, DJs, wedding coordinators, venue owners. You can offer them free images they can use for their marketing materials and at the same time, you can ask them for the permission to use those photos for your microstock portfolio. The worst thing that can happen to you is that they say no, but from my experience, they will agree with your offer.



So that´s all from me today. I would love to hear from you too! What are your tips on taking stock photos on occasions like weddings? Let me know in the comments below!